Линди хоп вне политики: письмо израильского свинг-сообщества палестинским танцорам

Линди хоп не имеет границ и объединяет порой самых ненавистных врагов. Два года назад израильские танцоры провели небольшую акцию, которая показала всем насколько здорово танец может влиять на людей.

Линди хопперы Израиля написали письмо, в котором высказывали слова поддержки в адрес танцоров из соседней Палестины. Письмо было подписано огромным количеством людей на вечеринках всего за один уик-энд. Несмотря на политический и военный конфликт между странами, каждое озвучивание письма встречалось одобрительными аплодисментами.

В городе Бейт-Джала существует малочисленная свинговая группа, которой и было предназначено письмо.

Оригинал письма:
Letter from Israel's lindy hoppers to palestines lindy hoppers

И его содержимое:

Dear Friends in the Palestinian Swing Dance Community

We, the members of the Israeli swing dancing scene, would like to extend a hand of friendship to you during these dark and terrible days. We feel the anguish and the sorrow brought on by this latest round of fighting, and we pray for a quick resolution followed by cooperation and a lasting peace.

Like you, we are dancers, and it is our belief that dancing is something that can and should be used to bring people together. Swing dancing in particular has a proud history of bridging cultural divides, and the ballrooms of Harlem where the dance originated in the 1920s stood as symbols of racial integration during an age of segregation and strife. Today, the dance has spread all over the world, and to be a Lindy Hopper is to be part of a global multicultural community of people joined together by mutual passion, love and respect. It would be our honor to stand by you in this community.

We know that things look bleak now, and may very well get worse before they get better, but we must all keep our spirits up and our hopes alive. It will be important to rebuild the bridges that have been burnt when this is all over, and we offer that one of those bridges be made through dance.

Please stay safe, and keep dancing as much as you can – it’s the best remedy for a troubled soul, and will help get you through these days of hatred, fear and turmoil.

And of course, please save us a dance. We hope to join you as soon as possible.

Yours The Israeli Swing Dancing Scene

Мы верим, линди хоп не имеет границ! Линди хоп выше политики!